open MaY 2017

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Thanks for a great 2016 season. See you in May 2017! 


      Summer Camp for All Nudists

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CAmp Ground  

Grab your tent, sleeping bag and get back to nature.  Sleep under the stars on The Ridge this week end.  To primitive for you ? We have room for full size campers and RV also. Either way, you can stay for awhile longer           

rental Units  

When the sun starts to set over the pool and you aren't ready to go home, you may wish you had reserved on the rental units available at Sun Ridge.  Our units have full kitchens, bathrooms and all the amenities.           

DAy Visits  

A day trip to Sun Ridge Nudist Resort, as a first timer or a seasoned nudist, is a great way to relax, get back to nature and reconnect like no other.  Enjoy the simple thrill of getting an all over tan.  Plan your visit today!         

Calendar of Events 

Although we have a full schedule of events, both day and night,  to promote social nudity at Sun Ridge, most people come to simply get naked and soak up the sun.  Either way we have something for everyone 


The facilities at Sun Ridge are some of the best in New England. Most people come to our nudist resort for the sense of freedom and relaxation, but if you are looking for something to do, we got that too.   

  • Always Sit on towel
  • No Cameras Allowed
  • Don't Stare / Gawk
  • NO Sexual Contact
  • Keep phones in car
  • No Sexual harrassment
  • Be REspectful
  • Open May 1, 2016
  • close September 26
  •  Come for the day 
  • stay for the weekend
  • Enjoy the freedom of nudity
  • safe relaxing location
  • cabin rentals  
  • RV & Camping 

Camp Nudist Etiquette

Sun Ridge REsort